Cornerstones: 200 Questions and Answers to Learn Truth


Език: English
Подвързване: Hardback


How can parents teach kids to know God’s truth? By asking and answering the right questions.
For centuries, parents have used the ancient method of learning and reciting questions and answers to teach the core doctrines of the faith. This beautifully designed book uses this regular rhythm of asking and answering to introduce children to spiritual truths and spark a hunger within them to know God even more.
Through 200 questions and answers, Cornerstones covers such principles as God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, sin, redemption, the church, restoration, and more. The whole family can use the book together, or children can use it on their own since each question and answer is written to make these foundational doctrines accessible.
Ask these right questions, and give your children the right answers on how to truly live their lives for God.


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